The Early Years in Winfield

Harry Edward Stinson, 1 year old, Winfield, Iowa

Harry and His Mother, with her Father and Grandfather
Wesley Blackman Bolding - 1819 - 1905
Grace Evelyn Bolding Stinson - 1877 - 1953
Harry Edward Stinson - 1898 - 1975
Dr. W. R. Bolding - 1843 - 1938

Harry, 10, at Stinson family home, 105 North Walnut

Harry's Father, John "Jack" Rippey Stinson,
Editor of Winfield Beacon (1910)

Harry's Aunt, Rose Stinson, was widowed at an early age with the
death of her husband, Richard Stinson, Jack Stinson's brother. They

had had one child, Harriet Lorene Stinson. Later, Rose married Joe
Rickey and lived on the west side of Olive, a block north of the school.