Saturday January 16, 1960
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Fifty Year Old Business

Young's Cleaners, owned and operated by Mr. And Mrs. Charles Young, in Winfield, is observing its 50th year in business under the management of different Young family members.

Charles's brothers, Ralph and George Skipton, started a cleaning business in 1921, while they were still in high school. The business was located in the back of Doyle's Barber Shop (the building which most recently housed Dr. Kenneth Ross's veterinary practice). Their equipment included a hand cranked washing machine and a tailor's flat iron.

In 1922, Ralph graduated from high school and decided to attend Cornell University at Mt. Vernon. His father, Byron Young, took over the cleaning business, and moved it across the street into the building that now houses Crill Upholstery where he added new equipment. In 1928, Byron built and moved into the structure which presently houses the business. Charles helped his father in the cleaning shop after school and during the summers.

In 1943, Charlie took over the business. During the war years, he worked at the Ordinance Plant in Burlington along with keeping the cleaners open for business.

In 1960, the Youngs purchased new equipment to keep up to date with cleaning needs. They had an open house that year and about 500 people came to view their new equipment. Today, they have the latest in equipment, including three air operated presses, and a steamer to take care of cleaning all the modern fabrics. The machines circulate the cleaning solvent at a rate of 60 gallon per minute, a far cry from the hand cranked machines used years ago. However, it is also necessary today to use detergents where in the past all that was used was a cleaning solvent.

In addition to serving Winfield, the Youngs also serve several small communities in the surrounding area. People may drop off and pick up their articles of clothing to be cleaned at Jim's Barber Shop in Wayland, Farmer's Union Store in Swedesburg, and Coolie's Drug Store in Morning Sun.